Brain Teasers

(Thanks to Trivial Pursuit for some of the Trivia questions.)

When you think of the answer, press the box beneath the question to get the answer. See how many you get right. If the box is checked, it is okay. You don't have to click the box twice to get rid of the check. If you really want them gone just click the button at the end.

The square root of 289 is ?

The capital of Poland is ?

As I was walking to London when I met 9 wives going the other way. Each wife had 9 sacks, and in each sack there were nine cats, and each cat had nine kittens. How many people were going to London?

If one-and-a-half chickens can lay one-and-a-half eggs in one-and-a-half years how many eggs could 100 chickens lay in 150 years?

How many questions can there be (maximum) in a game of Jeopardy?

What do frogs close when they swallow?

What participant was ironically fined 6¢ for swearing at the first pro baseball game?

What is the worlds most common last name in English-speaking people?

What color is the maple leaf on the Canadian Tire logo?

How many Russian cosmonauts have walked on the moon?

What food contains up to 16 additives, including Plaster of Paris?

What animated internet tool was invented by a Canadian named James Grosling?

What was the first fruit eaten on the moon?

The trichina worm is most likely to be found in what meat?

What M-word describes the thrashing and slam-dancing which occurs at '90s rock concerts?